About Us

New Mexico Hospital ( is an online healthcare resource intended for patients & healthcare providers in New Mexico. New Mexico Hospital provides an online database of hospitals, physicians, government resources and associations. New Mexico Hospital will create a marketplace for telemedical services that are purchased from physicians and sold to hospitals, patients, companies, prisons, schools and (other) physicians.

New Mexico Hospital is owned and operated by National Hospital Affiliates, Inc., which is an Internet-based healthcare delivery system composed of a national network of geographically specific online hospitals. There will be a specific online hospital for every State in the Country. New Mexico Hospital functions independently, but will also work with other Company owned Hospitals to fulfill regional and national provider contracts.

New Mexico Hospital partners with physicians & hospitals in the State in order to provide the best healthcare services that are available. New Mexico Hospital is an open delivery system that encourages participation from quality healthcare providers located in the State. New Mexico Hospital will provide a variety of telemedical services from several medical specialties over the Internet, wireless networks, regular phone lines, and satellites.